Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Chinese medicine could become available on the NHS

It has been suggested that the NHS may integrate traditional Chinese cures with Western medical techniques.

Chinese medicine could be available on the NHS if there is enough evidence to prove that it would benefit patients, Jeremy Hunt has suggested.

Mr Hunt, whose wife is Chinese, says that his fequent trips to China have taught him that it is important to “follow the scientific evidence” concerning Chinese medicine.

He said that taxpayers’ money would not be spent on the traditional techniques without “good evidence” that they would be beneficial.

Source: BBC News
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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The April edition of the Words Worth Reading Ltd newsletter is now available to download

The April edition of the Words Worth Reading Ltd newsletter is now available to download.

We hope you had a fantastic Easter Weekend. We have been busy in the office this month helping healthcare organisations with their company policies. With the university year drawing to a close soon, we have also been busy helping students make their dissertations and final essays the best they can be.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

What is on your bookshelf? And...Have you read them all?

Did you know, the average British household contains 138 books, but over half have never been read? This is according to a study of 2000 adults published on World Book Day, 6th March.

It is estimated that 3.6 billion books are tucked away on shelves, in the loft or in our bedrooms.

The survey also reveals that two thirds of us keep books because we are emotionally attached to them, while the rest of you hoarders just don't like to get rid of things.

I'm off to rummage through my loft!

Image: Ian Wilson

A Week in Summer to Write

Are you planning your summer holiday already, not sure what you want to do, or where you want to go? Well, you could spend a relaxing week writing that fiction book you have always wanted to get started on.

Writers' Forum's Sue Moorcroft has designed a fiction writing course full of workshops, one-to-one sessions, private writing time and group feedback sessions. But the best bit, it will all take place in fantastic Umbria in Italy.

Sue Moorcroft is a multi-published author of novels and short stories, she is also an experienced tutor who can tailor this course around you. You may want to expand your skills, improve a work in progress, or maybe, you haven't even started yet.

What ever you want to get out of the course, you can do it in Arte Umbria, a 16th Century Manor house set in a private 220 acre estate, with its own chef and pool.

The course runs from 2nd July for one week. The inclusive price of the course is £985 (excluding flights and insurance.) If you have a partner, but they don't want to take part in the writing course, they are welcome for £700. Click here for more details.

Image: xlibber, Flickr

Residential Writing Course 27th-29th April, Gloucestershire

No plans for next week yet? Well we may have just the thing for you budding writers out there. A Creative Writing Course at Three Ways House in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, running from 27th - 29th April.

This is a new course, run by Christopher Wakling is being run as part of the Startford-Upon-Avon Literary Festival. It starts at 2pm on Sunday 27th April until Tuesday 29th April, in the beautiful surroundings of the Cotswolds.

£359 for a single room
£299 per person for a double/twin room

Prices for the course include all tuition, two nights, full English breakfast and a three course dinner on both days.

To find out more about this course and the Stratford-Upon-Avon Literary Festival, click on the links below:

Stratford-Upon-Avon Literary Festival 2014
Creative Writing

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Wenlock Poetry Festival, 25th - 27th April

The Wenlock Poetry Festival takes place next weekend, attracting some of the best poets and performers in the business.

The aim of the festival is not only showcase work by established writers and performers, but also to encourage local and up-and-coming writers.

There are over 50 events on the programme this year, including performances, workshops and exhibitions, so there should be something for everyone at the three day festival.

To find out more about the Wenlock Poetry Festival, click here.

Image: velkr0, Flickr

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The March edition of the Words Worth Reading Ltd newsletter is now available to download

The March edition of the Words Worth Reading Ltd newsletter is now available to download.

Spring has finally sprung with a few glorious sunny days this month. So far this month the Words Worth Reading team have been rushed off their feet with lots of Information Governance Toolkit submissions and audits. We have also been busy helping students with their essay and dissertation submissions. 

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bursaries and Scholarships: Some Good Advice

Financial support for students can come from many different places, from universities themselves, to charities, fee waivers and scholarship schemes. But how do you know if you are entitled to any of it?

Here are some top tips when looking for the funding you need.

Get information from those who provide it:

The best place to look for information about funding (scholarships and bursaries) is the individual website of the institution that’s offering it. All the details about whether you’re eligible, what help is on offer, and how to apply will be there.

If you’re looking for information on funding from a charity, the Educational Grants Advisory Service website helps you to search for information on hundreds of trusts that offer funding to students.

They will contact you:

Depending on what you are applying for, you won’t necessarily need to actively look for funding. Universities and colleges will contact you.

This is because the Student Loans Company (SLC) and universities and colleges work together. Details of your household income will be passed on from SLC to the universities and colleges when you register with them.

When you provide your details it is important you consent to share. Otherwise universities and colleges will have to contact you and ask, and this might mean you won’t get financial support as quickly or at all.

Read the Small Print:

Any university or college in England offering degree courses costing £6,000+ has to make extra arrangements to offer bursaries, summer schools and outreach programmes to encourage applications from students from all backgrounds to go into higher education. These are included and published in an ‘access agreement’ before September of each year. You can use these agreements to find out what funding a university will be offering to new students.

You can find out about access agreements here. You will need to look through the access agreements carefully, no two look the same!

Knowing what you what you want to study helps:

You can search and compare available schemes from different universities, colleges, charities and councils using websites such as EGAS,  Scholarship SearchStudent Cashpoint and Unigrants

The majority of scholarship and bursary schemes are awarded by universities and colleges themselves, so it is helpful if you have got an idea of what you want to study, or where.

Source: Student Times
Image: Money, Flickr