Friday, 8 March 2013

Common Errors When Making Changes to the CQC Registration Process

The CQC has found that there are some common errors when people are making changes to their registration. 

These common mistakes include:

I’m a registered manager and I want to add an regulated activity to my registration. Can I do that before my provider has added that activity to their registration?

No. If you are a registered manager and need to apply to add a regulated activity that is new to the provider, the provider must make application and be approved before you submit your application.

I want to remove a partner from my registration who is our registered manager. How do I do that?

If you want to remove a partner who is also the registered manager, you will need to complete two separate forms - one form to remove the partner and one form to cancel their registration as the registered manager.
You can use the Form Finder on the CQC website to help you with the changes you need to make. 

If you would like help with the CQC registration process, at Words Worth Reading Ltd we offer full consultancy support to help make the process as easy as possible. 

Making Changes to Your CQC Registration Before 1 April 2013

Once you have received your Notice of Decision and certificate you will be able to make changes to your CQC registration. You can continue to make these changes using forms on the CQC websiteMake sure you only use these forms, they are marked 'primary medical services'.

From April onwards you will be able to make changes to your registration through easy-to-use online forms. You will be able to submit them straight to the CQC through your account.

It is important that you let the CQC know about any changes as you need to make sure your registration is up-to-date when it comes into effect on 1 April 2013.
If your locations, legal status, regulated activities, partners or other details change before 1 April, you’ll be able to apply to make those changes using downloadable forms that you can email to the CQC. You can find the application you need to use by using the Form finder for primary medical services.
Words Worth Reading Ltd have assisted a wide range of providers to prepare for and apply for CQC registration, we offer a variety of interventions to support the registration process. Visit our website for more details. 
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Writers' & Artists' 'Beat the Rejection' Clinic

Every Thursday afternoon for the rest of March, Writers' & Artists' are hosting a 'Beat the Rejection' Clinic. Hosted at the Bloomsbury Publishing Offices in central London.

The clinic offers the opportunity to discover why your work was rejected. You will have a 30 minute one-to-one meeting with a literary agent who has fully appraised your submission (letter, synopsis and first three chapters). The session will help you to see how you might be able to turn your writing around and who you should target next. 

Jenny Savill will be hosting the 'Beat the Rejection' clinics this month. Savill is a literary agent at Andrew Nurnberg Associates Ltd where she represents authors of fiction and non-fiction writing for both children and adults. Jenny likes to work editorially with authors and is on the look-out for authentic voices, strong plots and magnificent storytelling. Jenny is interested in finding new voices in women’s fiction, historical fiction, memoir and narrative non-fiction.

To take part in the clinic you will need to:
  • Book a place, apply now on the Writers' & Artists' website.
  • Book a slot by making a payment.
  • Then submit your letter, synopsis and first three chapters.

If you are an author looking to get published, Words Worth Reading Ltd can help you with the Publishing Packs and support services we offer. Visit our website for more details

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Do you panic about job interviews? Maybe a interview via Skype is for you...

In the US more than six out if ten HR managers now use video to interview job applicants, according to a survey and a growing number of UK firms are adopting a similar approach. As well as live interviewing on services like Skype, some firms are giving video "questionnaires" for candidates to record.
Hiring has become global for candidates and employers, video interviews can be much more cost-effective. For large firms with international graduate schemes, the savings can be significant. 
There are those searching for that dream job have said that they prefer the option of a Skype interview. Skype has been used for many years to keep in contact with family and friends, and this familiarity puts many interviewees at ease. Although, not everyone agrees, many people believe you can't beat face-to-face contact. Although the video interview can help to get a better sense of what the person is like than from just their CV, the interviewer can't see everything they might if the interview took place in the flesh.That is why so much business travel still takes place, video calls won't replace meetings and all interviews just yet. 
Even if you are doing your interview over Skype, first impressions still count, so here are some top tips for that interview:
  • Set the stage: Make the room you are in a reflection of your work, a plain backdrop can be less distracting.
  • Test the lighting: Even if your camera isn't the highest quality, make sure it flatters your features and the interviewer can see you clearly.
  • Dress the part: Be as conservative as the organisation, don't forget to wear smart bottoms in case you have to get up during the interview.
  • Make eye contact: Minimise the video image of you so you're not tempted to watch yourself
  • The employer expects eye contact and anything else will distract him or her.
  • Do a test run: Call a friend or family member to make sure speakers and microphone are working and they can hear you clearly. 

Are you searching for your dream job? At Words Worth Reading Ltd we can help you improve your CV and your interview skills with our job seeker packages. 

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