Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Daybreak and the Salvation Army team up to get Britain reading

The five-a-day campaign is designed to help families improve their reading skills. The campaign aims to encourage people to read to their children everyday and also to raise awareness of the difficulties people face in dealing with illiteracy and dyslexia. People will be asked to donate books at 100 Morrisons stores and 50 Waterstones across the UK to help projects run by The Salvation Army, Dyslexia Action and the Book Trust.

The campaign is supported by celebrities including actor Michael Sheen. 'Books have been like doorways for me all my life. When I was growing up, being able to read books let me enter new worlds and discover all kinds of new possibilities.,' he said. 'Seeing how much pleasure my own daughter got out of being read to when she was very little and now, as a teen, how much she values reading herself, shows how important and joyful it can be to share these things with our children.'

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