Monday, 29 September 2014

Dental registration and compliance to change

Care Quality Commission (CQC) have announced that they are proposing to change the way in which Dental Services are regulated in the future. They have recently published a document, 'A Fresh Start for the Regulation and Inspection of Primary Dental Services', which outlines the organisation's thoughts on how these services should be registered in the future.

The document outlines the priorities that the Care Quality Commission will focus on with regards to dental care in the future. These priorities are;

1. Working with partners to develop a shared view of risk, agree roles and responsibilities, and identify gaps.

2. Improve registration processes and ensure that the CQC adapts their model to meet forthcoming changes to regulations and new enforcement powers.

3. Developing an approach to inspection that protects the public from unsafe care.

4. Adopting a thematic approach.

A formal consultation on the CQC's proposed guide to inspection for Dental Services will open in November 2014. 

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