Tuesday, 19 May 2015

CBBC and BBC Writersroom are looking for talented sketch writers

CBBC and BBC Writersroom are looking for talented new sketch writers for the 'Class Dismissed' Sketch Writing initiative. 
If you can make people laugh through your writing, this is a unique and fun opportunity to get your writing noticed. 

There is no guarantee of selection but, if chosen, your sketch may even feature in future episodes of CBBC’s sketch show Class Dismissed.
So if you’re a comedy writer looking to get noticed by Comedy Producers then this may be the initiative for you.

The challenge is to write a comedy sketch for any one of the following characters:  Mr Hart, Mr Christopher, Mr Jones, Miss Dior-Durant, Mrs Tucker and Miss Ready. You need to target your sketch at the CBBC audience aged 6-12 years.

You will need to send the team up to three sketches in total (so three sketches for one character or one sketch each for three characters) that are each between 1-3 minutes long. The work you submit must not have been previously commissioned, optioned or produced on any platform including tv, online or radio.

There is a tight deadline for the intiative. The competition was opened on Thursday 14th May 2015, the closing date is Thursday 21st May 2015 at 5pm. 

Source: BBC
Image: Mad Group, Flickr

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