Thursday, 31 March 2016

Libraries Taskforce 'Ambition' Report on the Future of Libraries Published

Reproduced under license: Jan David Hanrath, Flickr
Readers and authors love libraries. More than half of the UK population has a current library card and, with 225 million physical visits to public libraries in England in 2015 and 96 million visits to websites, they are one of our most popular and trusted public services, but since the start of the recession they have been under significant threat.

In 2014, the government published William Sieghart’Independent Library Report for England. Calling for clear local decision-making and a national strategy to secure the future of public libraries in England.

A Leadership for Libraries Taskforce was formed by the Department for Culture, and Sport.  The taskforce has now published a draft Ambition document for public libraries in England. The document outlines:
  • the support and value libraries currently offer their local communities.
  • examples of existing good practice.
  • a clear articulation of the government and Taskforce’s vision for public libraries in England.
  • plans of action to redefine the focus of libraries.
The taskforce is seeking views on the draft document from:
  • decision makers in local and central government 
  • members of the library workforce
  • partners of or suppliers to libraries
  • members of the public who are active users and supporters of libraries 
The taskforce would welcome views on the following themes described in the document:
  • context
  • vision
  • what libraries can achieve
  • how we can make this happen
  • governance and delivery
  • new ways of working
  • marketing and communications
  • action plan

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