Wednesday, 4 May 2016

CQC Board Approves 2016/17 Business Plan

The Care Quality Commission has published its business plan for 2016/17. The business plan sets out the first phase of the CQC’s five-year strategy for health and adult social care regulation in England.

4 main priorities have been identified for the year:
  1. To complete the first comprehensive inspection programme of all acute NHS trusts, adult social care service providers, GP practices and out-of-hours services, trusts and independent hospitals. Ensuring that registration processes support service providers to deliver high-quality care while encouraging innovation. Developing a baseline of understanding of quality across health and social care that is unique not just in England, but in any country.
  2. Ensuring that their approach remains relevant to a changing environment. Making better use of intelligence, developing a shared view of quality with providers, and developing a framework with NHS Improvement on how well NHS acute hospitals use their resources.
  3. Developing the CQC’s own skills to embed cultural values and to respond to the changing needs of the organisation and wider system.
  4. Demonstrating the difference the CQC makes. Evaluating, measuring and reporting on their own performance, quality, management assurance, impact and value for money, using this evidence to learn and improve.
David Dehan, Chief Executive said “The pressures on the health and social care system will not decrease – it’s how we respond to these pressures that is crucial. Working together, we can ensure that people who use services get the high-quality care they deserve.”

The CQC will be publishing its’ full five-year strategy in June 2016, which will include further details of future inspection activities, work being undertaken to evaluate and set quality standards and share resources with service providers.

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