Wednesday, 29 June 2016

First BookShots Titles Sell 30,000 Copies in a Week

James Patterson’s new Bookshots project has been hailed as a success after selling over 30,000 copies of the first two titles during the first week of sales.

The BookShots imprint initiative overseen by Patterson, is designed to encourage reading by crafting short novels—all titles in the series are less than 150 pages, so can be read in one sitting, and retail for £3. Two to four titles will be published each month, initially the range will focus on fiction titles, with a number of non-fiction titles about current events being added. He will write some of the books himself, write some with others, and hand pick the rest.

Patterson’s Cross Kill, a new installment in his popular Alex Cross crime series, sold just under 18,000 copies according to Bookscan, placing it second on Publishers Weekly's latest trade paperback bestseller list, for the week ending June 12. Zoo 2, the second Book Shots title and a sci-fi thriller by Patterson and Max DiLallo, sold nearly 12,000 copies per BookScan, landing at #5 on their trade paperback list.

Mr. Patterson said the books would be aimed at readers who might not want to invest their time in a 300-400 page novel. He hopes they might even appeal to people who do not normally read at all. If it works, it could open up a big new market. Speaking in an interview in New York James said “You can race through these — they’re like reading movies.”

BookShots has its own website and mobile apps available on iOS and Android, readers can discover, purchase, and read BookShots ebooks and audiobooks across all devices. More information can be found at

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