Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Why Every Author Should Consider Joining Litsy

In a world in which a new social media platform seems to pop up each week, it can be hard to know which platforms you should invest your time in, which ones will help you connect with the greatest number of potential new readers and which ones will raise your overall profile.
Litsy has been designed with readers and authors in mind and it creating quite a buzz within the publishing world.  The platform has been described as a cross between Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads.  It is currently only available to Apple users but both Android and Web versions of the app are promised very soon.
Litsy members can use the app to review books, sharing quotes and pictures, and can talk to other users about the books they are reading.  Users can also create and organise reading lists and the app will help readers find new titles.
All posts (photos, thoughts, reviews, etc.) are tagged to the relevant books, and all activity associated with a particular book is connected to that book’s page. In addition to all social activity, a book’s page also contains a summary of the book and lets users add the book to their stack.
As well as following books and authors, you can also follow fellow reviewers.  All users receive a “Litfluence” score, which shows the direct representation of your impact on the community. Users start with a Litfluence score of 42 and it increases (but never decreases) based on a person’s level of activity and engagement. The Litfluence page also shows fun facts such as how many books and pages a user has read.
Litsy is fun to use and provides authors with a great way to connect directly with their readers.  You can post anything book related, from photos of book covers to favourite passages, details about readings and events, or non-book-related images that evoke the feeling of a specific quote. Post selfies with books, libraries, reading nooks etc…
Join discussions about books and remember to support your peers by endorsing their works. As with other platforms, the goal is to connect with new and existing readers while sharing a genuine glimpse into your life as an author and reader.   

Litsy has a dedicated team to help authors get set up on the platform and to authenticate their accounts. Contact authors@litsy.com to verify your account, which will assign a blue checkmark next to your name. This allows Litsy to occasionally feature your posts and possibly mark you as a suggested user to follow. 

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