Monday, 22 June 2015

Aspiring writers paid too little at the BBC?

The BBC runs a 'shadow scheme' where aspiring writers submit trial scripts for some of the most famous shows aired on the TV channel. 

These aspiring writers are paid too little for the work they produce according to Bernie Corbett, General Secretary of the Writer's Guild of Great Britain. 

A trial script can involve producing up to three drafts over three months of full-time work. Currently the BBC pay £1,000. This equates to £2.38 per hour. 

The union has suggested that payment should be increased to £2,814, which would be in line with the minimum wage. 

The shadow scheme has replaced the the BBC's academy system, a generous 12 week training period with an attendance fee of roughly £4,000. If the writers successfully completed the training period they were guaranteed a commission and paid professional rates for 12 months. 

Many are concerned that these cut backs will lead to a loss of talented new writers.

Image: Mad Group, Flickr

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