Monday, 22 June 2015 hosts One Big Book Launch in London

On 3rd June, held its second One Big Book Launch in London, an initiative harnessing the power of collaboration to launch ten new books from ten emerging authors at the same event. 

Last year, the CompletelyNovel team were chatting to authors about book marketing, and found that many new authors were finding it difficult to get their books noticed.  Book launches in particular were often small celebrations with family and friends, rather than a platform to start building a marketing campaign on.
CompletelyNovel is known for doing things slightly differently so they created One Big Book Launch, an event that talented new authors could use to really ‘launch’ their book from. 
Ten authors were included in one launch, meaning more potential readers were in attendance and marketing for the books was focused on one event. 
It included self-published authors, as well as those published by Walker, Sandstone Press and some independent publishers. The result was an eclectic mix of books and an evening of great success for the authors. 
Image: nSeika, Flickr

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