Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Course for Directors of Adult Social Services

The National Skills Academy are running a course for new Directors of Adult Social Services, in partnership with ADASS. 

The programme has been designed  specifically for new Directors who hold statutory responsibility, covering not only the issues arising from a broad span of control, but also the complexities arising from political governance and the need to exert leadership across a wide range of networks.
This highly successful national programme aims to both support the individual and to develop their personal, political and strategic impact and leadership style by offering a package of individualised support over six months, including workshops, a collaborative action-learning set and one-to-one coaching support.

The programme will enable individuals to engage with others in the same position, to share experience and knowledge with experienced directors and political leaders, and to learn from established leaders and senior voices from business, government and social care. It is an unrivalled learning and development opportunity for individuals to shape their leadership role and build their career.

The programme is for

New Directors who are seeking:

  • Support in making a successful transition to senior leadership
  • A safe, confidential space to reflect on and adapt their leadership style and vision
  • To develop their personal, political and strategic awareness and impact
  • To improve their ability to work with complexity and the ‘wicked issues’ of public service leadership including integration 
  • To increase their resilience and flexibility and ability to innovate and take risks
  • To build their peer network and increase their capacity to work with peer learning

Local Authorities who need:

  • A director who is equipped and supported to take on the demands of corporate leadership at a time of critical social change
  • A director who is able to handle themselves under pressure and who can work with the dynamics of complexity and uncertainty
  • A director who can foster strong interpersonal and organisational relationships
  • A director who can motivate others and work with resistance
  • A director who can be held accountable for delivering a high level of service and hold others to account for improving services
  • A director who facilitates others’ contributions, nurtures capability and supports the long-term development and ambitions of their team
  • A director who understands how to work in political environments
  • A director who can construct partnerships with citizens and communities based on the principles of co-production
  • A director who can lead complex transformational programmes to deliver personalisation while maintaining business as usual

Programme structure

The programme has been designed to be as time efficient as possible whilst enabling participants to focus, reflect and get the support they need. Opening with a three day residential at a secluded and comfortable setting, and then followed by an action learning set along with 1-1 coaching, the programme concludes with a final workshop and celebratory event.

The programme is to commence in October 2015, and runs for a 6 month period.

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