Thursday, 7 July 2016

New NHS Approved Mental and Sexual Health App for Students

The new 'ESC Student' app was launched at the Student Health Association Conference in Leeds on 27 June, as part of a wider campaign to help improve student health and increase health literacy among young people.
The app was developed by experienced GP Dr Knut Schroeder from Bristol together with a team of experts from the University of Bristol Students' Health Service, students and health professionals from the wider NHS. It has been certified by the NHS England Information Standard as a source of reliable health information.
Students worked with the developers to identify key areas of concern – from first aid and how to deal with emergencies, to common ailments, mental health problems, physical (body) symptoms, love and sex, healthy living, travel health, alcohol and drugs, long-term health problems, staying safe at school or uni, and how to access health services.
By answering common questions about their health students can find reliable health information on over 120 important student health topics in plain language – anytime (24/7) and in total privacy.
The app offers:
  • Access appropriate advice and services for specific health problems – with general advice and information and signposting to appropriate services.
  • Advice for dealing with emergencies and general ill health – users can discover the truth about life-threatening illnesses as well as sleep problems, stress, and tiredness etc...
  • Treatments for common ailments – getting to the bottom of headaches, providing advice on treating spots, and managing common aches and pains.
  • Mental health advice – with advice on what to do when they (or their friends) feel low or anxious, self-harm or are worried about drinking too much alcohol.
  • Useful links – to hundreds of trusted sites with useful further information.
Dr Dominique Thompson, Director of the Students' Health Service at the University of Bristol, says: "This app provides reliable, relevant health advice for young adults who want to look after themselves and use medical services wisely."  
The app is available from the Apple App Store – click here. 

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