Monday, 15 May 2017

University Student Crawls Through Air Ducts to Steal Exam Papers

A student at the University of Kentucy (USA) was so desperate to get a good grade that he crawled through the air duct system to steal exam papers!

This wasn't the first time Henry Lynch had used the air ducts to access his professor's office to steal exam papers, but this time he got caught.

It is not clear how he accessed the air ducts but he crawled through the network and dropped into his statistics instructors' room.  Henry's tutor was working late and suprised him and his accompliced, fellow student Troy Kiphuth, both of whom fled the scence.

Later, Mr Lynch confessed - and told the police that he had tried to get the test earlier that day too, but couldn't find it.

A university representative told the BBC that the air duct method had worked for him before. He went on to say  "He has confessed to stealing an exam earlier in the semester, but said he had not shared it with other students".

"Cheating and theft of this kind is very serious in an academic institution,".

Henry and Troy are now facing the university's discplinary board.

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