Monday, 30 March 2015

Interactive Map Shows Edinburgh's Literary History

Edinburgh is a wonderful city that has featured in many literary works. Now a digital initiative is offering you the chance to explore the city’s streets through the eyes of the authors they inspired.
Launched this month, Lit Long: Edinburgh has an online interactive map that pinpoints the locations referred to in books, including some very famous works. Professor James Loxley of Edinburgh University, led the work. By applying filters to the map, it is possible to narrow the extracts, to works based on keywords, titles or authors.
Loxley and his team are even developing an interactive element to add a “sentiment visualiser” tool that employs algorithms to analyse the language of the extracts and reveal whether locations are portrayed in a positive or negative light. It will give you a pie-chart breakdown and a score so you can get a powerful visual sense of an area. 
It is hoped that the interactive programme will offer readers a new perspective on the city. The team who developed the programme hope that similar maps will be rolled out to other cities. 

Source: The Guardian
Image: Fraser Mummery, Flickr

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