Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Launched today: First vanguard sites to develop replicable new care models

Today saw the announcement of the first vanguard sites to develop replicable new care models. This is part of the vision outlined in the Five Year Forward View that the NHS needs to rapidly develop new ways of delivering care to patients that better meet 21st century patient needs. 

Sites have been shortlisted using patient, third sector and local government input. The final sites were selected by voting for each other in a form of peer review. There is a strong emphasis on really understanding their support needs and then providing the bespoke support they want, as opposed to what the NHS system thinks they should have. There is also a real focus on how the learning developed will be shared and replicated, something the NHS hasn’t always done particularly well. 

This process has generated lots of enthusiasm from NHS Providers’ members. They have worked with the rest of their local health and social care economy to develop innovative new care models. The vanguards have been chosen for how advanced and replicable their models are. Those who have not been selected must continue to develop and deliver new care models that work for their local service users.

Image: Fletcher Prince

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