Tuesday, 10 March 2015

NICE Consult on Draft Guidelines for Home Care and Carers

NICE are now consulting on the first draft guideline which has been developed by the NICE Collaborating Centre for Social Care (NCCSC). 

It focuses on older people receiving home care and their carers. It does not cover younger adults (although many of the recommendations may also be relevant to younger adults). 

The guideline is for commissioners of home care in local authorities and CCGs, health and social care practitioners, providers, home care managers and home care workers. 

There is currently significant and far-reaching legislative change in social care. The Care Act 2014 comes into effect in April 2015 and requires substantial change in the way local authorities operate. The duties within the Act and its related statutory guidance cover areas also contained within the scope of this guideline. 

While the Care Act and other legislation describe what organisations need to do, this guideline is focussed on how they fulfil those duties, and deliver support to older people using home care and their carers. You can now review and comment on this draft guideline.

The consultation will end on 16th April 2015. 

Image, Ethan Prater, Flickr

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