Wednesday, 21 October 2015

UCL Students Win £100k in Housing Dispute

87 tenants who have been on rent strike since May, in protest against the state of their housing, have each been awarded a rebate equal to 1 term’s rent.
The tenants had been threatened with exclusion from their studies but the university complaints panel has now ordered UCL to pay the tenants £1.3k each, equal to a term’s rent.
Students reported that demolition work nearby had made sleeping and studying impossible and that the building had become infested with rats.
The panel found that university management demonstrated “a lack of empathy towards the students’ circumstances and no understanding or appreciation of what would be an acceptable student experience”.
“Overall the living conditions with which the residents of Campbell House West were faced with were unacceptable and their experiences were not in-keeping with that expected for students of UCL,” it said.
The panel also found managers were “disingenuous to the students concerned”.

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