Saturday, 23 January 2016

Overcoming Writer's Frustration

As writers we belong to a group of people who experience a unique set of challenges in our role. It can be a lonely job, with a seemingly unending supply of those who want to tear down your confidence, tug at your strings of self-esteem and watch them steadily unravel.

There is a way through! Even when you feel that all of your ideas have dried up, you can still make it work.

Writer's Block

When this happens, and believe me it will, take a moment to reset. Get some rest, read something you know inspires you (a great book, an inspirational quote).  Exercise. A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind that can focus and create. Click here for some additional advice and guidance. 

No Time

If you are serious about writing you need to ensure it is timetabled into your day/week/month. Plan for it and stick to it. Ensure your nearest and dearest support you in this and understand your need for time alone, in peace and quiet. If you have children, enjoy your time with them, then find something constructive for them to do, or somewhere for them to be. Close the door, or find your favourite cafe and take your laptop there. Make time!


As a writer you have a lonely job. In order to share ideas, get constructive feedback and flourish, you need to connect with others. Join a local writer's group where you can share your work and receive useful feedback, increase your repertoire of ideas and find support from like-minded individuals.   

Lack Of Output

Take action. Set a minimum target, say 600 words a day, then stick to it. If you want to be productive you need to 'act' on a regular basis. Don't worry if those 600 words aren't perfect yet. You can revisit, refine and add to them later. Just get them down on paper! 


Have faith in yourself. Find a support network in family, friends or a writers group. When someone disagrees with what you write, or gives you negative feedback, look back at something great you've done. Read and keep the positive feedback for times like these. If your writing is your bread and butter, make sure you are confident about how much you are worth and don't be afraid to ask for it.

Keep writing!

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