Thursday, 14 January 2016

Students Turning to Food Banks & Sugar Daddies to Survive at University

The Student Room has released the results of a recent poll into making ends meet whilst studying at university.  The results reveal that studying is far from fun and games for some.
Key Findings
·       Over a third of respondents talked about using food banks themselves, or knowing students who have.
·       One in three reported that they had gone without food in order to cope with the rising costs associated with higher education in England and Wales.
·        41% of respondents told The Student Room they have - or have known someone who has - sold drugs on campus to cope with living costs.
·        They also reported scavenging in bins for food or going without heating to make ends meet.
·        35% said they have worked as either an escort or exotic dancer.
·        30% revealed how they are either in a relationship with a sugar mummy or daddy to meet costs, or know someone who is.
·        30% have stolen in order to survive at university.
Hannah Morrish, university community manager at The Student Room, described how everyone across the country is feeling the stress of rising living costs and emphasised how students are no exception. She added: “However, what this research goes to show is how vulnerable many students are, not just financially, but socially as well.
“For any students who are struggling to make ends meet, we want to stress there is an active and easy-to-access support network available; from applying for student hardship funds from universities through to independent and anonymous financial advice forums, such as The Student Room.”
Highlighting the other avenues of help available for students, she said: “Students’ unions, the student advice centre at your university, The Money Charity, National Debtline and the Citizens Advice Bureau are all great starting places for debt counselling and money management advice.”

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