Thursday, 20 October 2011

Baddie created for Children's Book Week

The winning entries in the Create a Baddie for Children's Book Week mini-comp are by RainbowLou and Phot's Moll

To celebrate Children's Book Week earlier this month, Writing Magazine's editor asked members of their online forum Talkback to create the perfect kid's book baddie. They came up trumps with such an impressive collection of spooky, creepy, fiendishly fabulous characters that it was difficult for the team to pick a winner - and in the end, there were two: RainbowLou, with Inker, and Phot's Moll, with Shadow.

Keep an eye on the stories appearing on because the team are hoping that RainbowLou and Phot's Moll will write up their characters into stories for us to post on the website.

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