Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Free employment website

The world’s first completely free-to-use employment website has just been launched in the UK. delivers more relevant and rounded candidate information to potential employers than a traditional CV ever could, and also reduces recruitment costs to zero. is an interactive fusion of online recruitment and social media. And with the innovative service being completely free-of-charge for both employers and candidates, creators Tony Wilmot and Elliot Kidd expect their latest venture to change the face of the job market.

Unlike the traditional method of posting a CV directly to employers or via a recruitment consultant, candidates on build themselves a multi-media profile that is constantly searchable and viewable by potential employers.

The enhanced profiles can include audio-visual components as well as links to social media channels, offering organisations far more insight into whether a person will be a good cultural, as well as professional, fit for a vacant post. Co-founder Tony Wilmot believes that because a wider breadth of useful information is being made accessible without cost, the concept will lead to a sea change in how recruitment is done.

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