Sunday, 23 October 2011

N3 connection upgraded to improve service to health care providers and patients

N3, the NHS's internet gateway provided together with BT, has more than doubled its capacity after two phases of upgrading.

Having already boosted performance from 1.82Gbps to 3Gbps earlier this spring, the N3 capacity has now been increased to 5Gbps and a number of enhanced functionalities have been introduced, such as the prioritisation of traffic according to clinical and business need.

The increased capacity enables the N3 connection to provide faster access to the internet, as well as national healthcare IT applications, for the one million healthcare staff that use it every day.

The gateway, which is Europe's largest virtual private network, carries more than 250 terabytes of data a month, equivalent to nearly 55,000 standard DVDs worth of data.

Len Chard, N3's senior programme manager, said: "N3 is crucial to the NHS delivering standards of care that are among the best in the world.

"We have, therefore, worked closely with BT to ensure that the service is continually enhanced to provide healthcare staff with the most effective and efficient network possible.

"The improved capacity of N3 means that NHS healthcare IT systems and applications can now be accessed more reliably, and at much greater speeds, providing significant benefits to patients and staff alike."

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