Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Children's poetry 'grows up'

As published by Writer's Forum...

Cambridge University has appointed Morag Styles to what is thought to be the first Children's Poetry Professorship. 'Poetry is an intense form of language', says Styles. 'It can be simultaneously personal and universal. It enlarges the sympathies, helps us understand ourselves better, gives us the pleasure of vicarious experience and offers us insights about being human.'

The teaching of poetry in primary schools has been in decline in recent years, and Styles hopes to redress the balance. 'I'll continue to promote this special field in every way that I can by campaigning for it as an excellent subject for academic research, by helping teachers gain confidence in teaching it in school, by working alongside children as they read, write and perform poetry, and by striving to improve poetry's status internationally by recognising it as a rich source of nourishment and amusement for the young, something that will last them all their lives.'

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