Thursday, 15 December 2011

Information on London GPs now available

The public and patients in London are now able to access information about how their GP are performing against a set of agreed standards. The 22 standards, developed by NHS London, with London wide Local Medical Committees working with doctors, nurses, GP staff, NHS managers and the public, include such things as childhood immunisations, cervical screening and patient satisfaction.

London is the first city to bring a set of standards for GP practices that represent the minimum patients should expect from their GPs. The transparency the system provides will enable patients to find out how their GPs are performing against the standards and for GPs to be able to see how they compare with their colleagues in order to drive continual improvements in primary care.

Each GP practice will have its own webpage which can be customised to showcase their work and keep the public informed of clinics and services, as well as enabling patients to provide feedback. Patient groups can also get involved by providing information about support groups and services which can be publicised on the webpages. Practices which already have websites can create a link to the page.

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