Friday, 4 November 2011

Click wins employment award and gains some well deserved kudos!

The Clink Charity’s excellence in the recruitment of people from diverse backgrounds has been championed at the Springboard Excellence Awards 2011 with presentation of the esteemed Diversity in Employment Award.

The award is fitting recognition of The Clink Charity’s ongoing campaign to fund food preparation and service skills training initiatives for serving prisoners and to promote the value to society of employing ex-offenders into roles within restaurants, hotels and other skilled hospitality professions. For offenders who have wound up in prison through poor judgement and displaced morals, rehabilitation can be the difference between total life transformation and re-offending. Many former inmates experience considerable difficulty reintegrating into society because of the attitudes of others.

The stigma of imprisonment and long absences from work on CVs has a tendency to put employers off hiring former prisoners, exacerbating social exclusion and increasing the risk of a return to crime. As a charity, The Clink is making significant strides to engaging with the industry and in partnership with The Clink’s generous and committed ambassadors, Vic Laws and Giorgio Locatelli, together with other valued supporters, industry connections are being brought through the doors of the restaurant and invited to enjoy The Clink concept first-hand. We think that's just, well, fabulous.

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