Wednesday, 9 November 2011

GCS Wellbeing Week initiative gets immediate results

A recently implemented initiative, GCS’ Wellbeing Week, set out to raise awareness of health within the workplace and has had an immediate impact.

Whilst most notable in the diagnosis of long-term GCS employee Angela Dunn’s condition as a diabetic, the 25-minute health checks, provided to all GCS employees, turned up other interesting results, including early indications of poor glycaemic control noticed in other staff.

Nutritional therapists provided individual recommendations for modifications in diet and lifestyle, which have already led to increased energy levels and better work performance.

Wellbeing Week was arranged in collaboration with Precious Health Ltd, who declared in a report that, with regard to workplace wellbeing programmes, “the way forward for SMEs is epitomised by GCS”. In addition to the health check-ups, all GCS employees received eye tests and head and shoulder massages. The health-conscious attitude has even spilled into the reception area, where a large bowl of continually replenished fruit has since become a mainstay.

As a direct result of the enthusiasm stemming from Wellbeing Week, GCS Running clubs have been started across the UK offices.

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