Friday, 25 November 2011

CQC responds to The Guardian's damning article

On Tuesday 15th November 2011 The Guardian posted a story about the Department of Health’s (DH) capacity review of CQC. Words Worth Reading Ltd also featured an article on the same capacity review last week. The Guardian's article suggests that the review is urgent and prompted by concerns about CQC’s performance. According to the Care Quality Commission (CQC), this is not the case.

In response to The Guardian's article, the CQC published the following statement:

"All of the DH’s arm’s length bodies will have an annual capacity review, including CQC and Monitor. The reviews were announced by the Department’s Permanent Secretary, Una O’Brien, on 22 September.

"The story also repeats a number of claims and issues that have been well publicised previously and about which we have been careful to set out the facts and clarify misunderstandings.

"As well as sensationalising the DH’s capability review of CQC, the Guardian’s story contained a number of errors and ‘imaginative’ interpretations of facts.

You can read the CQC's response to specific issues at the following website:

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