Wednesday, 9 November 2011

SocialCV now indexing more than 105 million individuals

Is it possible to map the global workforce?

The SocialCV thinks so. It's taken more than four years of development and required running more than 10 billion online records through a semantic processing engine but TheSocialCV has indexed more than 100 million professional profiles and has mapped more than 200 million professional interactions.

The company looks at status updates across more than 50 social media sites to identify data useful for recruitment to build a profile of a potential job candidate.To do this, it had to solve the 'java problem' -- if someone mentions 'java' are they talking about the programming language, the coffee bean or the island. 'Once we've determined the context of key words, we then have the challenge of trying to determine how an individual relates to them," says company CEO, Howard Lee. "If they're talking about Java, do they drink it, prefer it to other beans, or are they a barista? We can then assign Java as an interest or a profession. We then have to do this more than 30 million times a day.'

To make it a commercial product, WorkDigital worked with world leading recruitment companies representing more than 35,000 staff to test tool and currently sells the product on a seat-license basis. Genius!

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