Sunday, 22 May 2011

CQC rethinks GP registration plans

On the 11th May the Pulse published a story that suggested that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) had submitted to the Department of Health a series of proposed amendments as to how it will regulate GP practices.

The CQC said the changes would allow it 'more opportunity to embed compliance monitoring in the sectors we already regulate' and would ensure closer alignment between registration and practice accreditation. But it insisted the 'scope of regulation' for GPs would remain unchanged. The CQC currently requires NHS providers, independent healthcare providers, dentists and social care providers to be registered in order that they can continue to provide health and social care services.

A CQC spokesperson said: 'The CQC has proposed changes to its plans for registration of primary care medical services to the Department of Health. The aim is to try to improve the process for GPs, to give the CQC more opportunity to embed compliance monitoring in the sectors we already regulate, and to ensure registration is more closely aligned with accreditation schemes.'

'Registration will open in October 2011 for dedicated "out of hours" services, but the timing and make up of subsequent batches is still to be confirmed.'

'We will make a further announcement about our plans in June. We will ensure providers have enough time to prepare for registration. There are no plans to change the scope of regulation - all primary care medical services will have to register with CQC.' A CQC spokesperson has said however that the APril 2012 registration deadline for GPs is set out in primary legislation and so would not be moved.

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