Thursday, 19 May 2011

Provider's IG Toolkit version 8 assessments published

Are you interested in how a healthcare provider is managing their information governance duties and responsibilities? If so, now is your chance to find out. Connecting for Health has published the results of the NHS Version 8 Information Governance Toolkit Assessment for all providers. This includes; NHS organisations, independent healthcare providers, pharmacists, dentists, and companies that work alongside the NHS in a data processing or data holding capacity.

As an organisation pushes that 'Publish' button when they finalise their Information Governance Assessment, they are confirming that this is the final version of their assessment, that no changes are needed, and that the assessment has been signed off by the Board and / or Senior Management. As they publish their assessment results to Connecting for Health, they are by default enabling Connecting for Health to share their results with the wider public.
It is important that all providers of healthcare, regardless of whether they are NHS based or not, complete an annual Information Governance toolkit submission. Words Worth Reading Ltd provide a comprehensive IG service that has proved successful for copious healthcare organisations over the years. Let us help you pass this important assessment!

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