Thursday, 5 May 2011

Update on CQC registration process for social and healthcare providers

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has announced that 98% of applications received before the 1st February 2011 from adult social care, independent healthcare providers and NHS provider organisations have now been fully processed. The CQC is also making good progress with the processing of applications that were received after the 1st February 2011. They have reported that they are currently receiving an average of 172 applications from social care providers, independent healthcare providers and NHS bodies each day. This figure does however include applications for changing the nominated indivdual or registered manager, and for adding in additional sites to already registered provider bodies.

The CQC has also stated that they have recently launched a review of their registration process, in the hope that the outcome of this review will streamline the process for health and social care providers. They have started to roll out some small, internal changes to their registration process, and hope that by consulting with providers on the current registration process, they will be able to make more significant changes in the longer term.

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