Sunday, 17 April 2011

CQC looks for improvements at East London Hospital

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) released a press release on the 12th April 2011, stating that it has told Cygnet Hospital in Beckton, East London, that it must make improvements to comply with all essential standards of quality and safety.

Following a Care Quality Commission assessment, inspectors from the CQC found that the mental health hospital was failing to meet seven essential standards of quality and safety.

As reported in the press release; 'the inspection team reviewed all the information held about this provider on all 16 essential outcomes and carried out a visit on 19 January 2011. The review was carried out as part of our routine schedule of planned reviews. During the visit, we observed how patients were being cared for, talked to patients who use the service, talked to staff and checked the provider’s records.

CQC found that Cygnet Hospital Beckton was not meeting seven essential standards, with major concerns in one area:

  • Care and welfare of service users: It was unclear what system existed for reviewing patient’s care plans or physical well being following restraint. Cygnet Beckton are unable to adequately measure crucial elements of risk or good practice from what is currently recorded. There was also evidence of patients being left on their own with physical healthcare issues because the reactive system in place could not adequately meet patient’s needs.

There were other areas of concern with safeguarding people and staffing.'

The CQC has asked Cygnet Hospital to provide a robust action plan which sets out how the hospital will meet these essential standards. The CQC will then check to make sure that the improvements have been made.

Colin Hough, Regional Director of CQC in London, said “We have told Cygnet Hospital Beckton where it needs to do more to comply with essential standards and we have asked them to tell us what action they will take to improve. We will check to make sure that the improvements have been made.”

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