Sunday, 17 April 2011

Teacher Training budget cuts

This morning the Guardian announced that plans by Michael Gove, the education secretary, to move teacher training out of universities and into schools face a wave of protest and threats of strike action. Teacher Trainers are not all that happy!

It is well known that teachers already spend a vast majority of their training in classrooms where they gain valuable practical experience. However, Unions insist that it is also crucial to learn theory and best practice in lecture halls. Surely the idea of scrapping university teaching sessions for teachers is on par with suggesting that nurses can learn everything they need to know about healthcare through non-stop ward working? Theory has to come into play somewhere.

The Guardian reports that Sally Hunt of the University and College Union, which represents lecturers, said last night that her members would turn to industrial action rather than allow the government to reform a system that "isn't broken".

Hunt said: "What I am very concerned about is this assertion that teaching is a craft that can be simply learned by watching others. There is an awful lot of theory and research behind the profession. Teachers have a huge breadth of experience open to them and we are likely to lose all that if these reforms are pushed through.

"Something like 85% of teacher training is good or outstanding. That is not something you remove, that is a success story to be built on."

Gove is set to unveil more detail about his plans in June. Let's see what action his next round of revelations lead to...

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