Friday, 22 April 2011

Severn Heights Nursing Home failing CQC standards

On the 18th April the Care Quality Commission (CQC) released a press release stating that Severn Heights Nursing Home is currently failing to meet 3 of the 16 essential standards of care.

In their press release, the CQC stated that:

"A Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspector who visited Severn Heights Nursing Home in Callow End, Worcestershire, found that it was failing to meet three essential standards of quality and safety.

Providers of care services have a legal responsibility to make sure they are meeting all the essential standards of quality and safety.

A CQC inspector visited the home in December 2010 because of CQC’s concerns about the home. The inspector reviewed three specific areas.

The CQC report, which is published today, highlights the regulator’s concerns with the three areas the inspector looked at:

Cleanliness and infection control

The inspector found that people living at the home were at risk because of a lack of effective infection control procedures. Risks included toilets that would not flush, soiled dressings, dirty commodes and overflowing bins.

Safety and suitability of premises

The home was using portable heaters to keep the home warm. Water was too hot in places and the cold water supply lacked pressure. The inspector also found medicine left unsecured in an open office.

Safety, availability and suitability of equipment

Equipment such as portable heaters, portable hoists and lifting equipment over two baths had not always been checked or serviced when they should have been."

The Care Quality Commission went on to say that they have alerted other agencies including the local authority and the fire and rescue service to their concerns. The CQC themselves have carried out further assessments and produced additional reports on this nursing home provider. Currently the provider is undertaking work to ensure that the required standards are met. Therefore there aren't any patients receiving care at this home at this time.

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