Sunday, 24 April 2011

French living really can lead to literary success!

A Midland's author, Glyn Pope has had a novel published by Cactus Rain Publishing of Arizona America.

Glyn moved to France in 2007. 'Living in France', says Glyn, 'has meant that I've been able to devote myself full time to writing and I've produced a novel that I'm proud of.'

Pope's novel has been reviewed recently by BBC Radio Presenter Stephen Butt. Talking about the bok in his review Butt states; 'Rich in atmosphere and the colour of time, all the characters in Glyn Pope's novel are alive. This is a true reflection of life in a certain surburb of Leicester in the English East Midlands, but the themes are universal. This would well be your neighbourhood facing the challenges of a changing world at the end of the 2nd World War. Enjoyable and challenging.'

Sarah Berry from the Deux-Serves Monthly magazines provides readers with a precis of the novel:

'Set in 1948 the novel tells the story of a young Doctor taking up his first position on a council estate in Leicester. Doctor Latymer arrives full of hope after dreadful experiences of the war settling into life on the estate. The young doctor quickly becomes the local miracle worker. However, when food poisoning strikes the estate residents, Doctor Latymer sets out to right injustices.'

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