Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sue Townsend's much-loved character, Adrian Mole is back to share more of his life experience with us; now a grown man in his mid-40s. In this latest Adrian Mole book, we get to see his life unfold as he experiences the Royal Wedding, in his royal wedding diary.

Let's not foget that our Mr Mole has endured a royal wedding before: mooning over Sarah Ferguson as a young bride 22 years ago in The True Confessions of Adrian Mole, bitterly noting that "oafish" Prince Andrew looked like a bricklayer, hardly deserved beautiful Fergie and was clearly a bit of a baddie all round. "As I recall, Adrian was so against that wedding," says Townsend, "he got on a coach down to London to protest."

In this book however, Adrain Mole has the job of exploring the royal wedding from afar, as he pursues an exclusive story for the News Review.

Sue Townsend has stated that she expects Adrian Mole will return in a 10th volume of diaries before long. "I think there'll be an Adrian every two or three years, because I have to follow him now. I have to find out what happens to him."

So keep your eyes open for the next instalment of this lovable character's life.

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